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Kumusta sa inyo.

UI+Web+Graphic Designer [see what I've done] / Artist / Photographer / Music Zealot / Dance Fitness Instructor / Samba Aficionado / Missus / Lil Mama / Believer / Evolver

Sissyphus Design is the creative studio of Katherine Slack, an interactive designer + photographer in Washington, DC. Over the last decade, I have worked for a variety of intelligent branding firms + interactive teams, including Discovery Education’s user experience team as well as the web team at Discovery Creative, the internal agency behind Discovery Communications responsible for epic HD specials + shows such as Life, Planet Earth, Deadliest Catch, Mythbusters, + LA Ink. I am a designer who loves to create apropos, user-centered visual solutions for the web. I continually educate myself, practice, + believe in relevant design, web standards, meticulous attention to detail, organization, + clean, thoughtful typography. I am endlessly reading, learning, + trying to better myself as a designer + problem solver in the ever-evolving interactive design space.

Since third grade, I was always one to spend hours delving into my sketches + hand-lettering. Every year that I was in high school, I made sure to include art in my class electives. In my college years I realized I had a love for all things type + design + was ecstatic to learn I could make a living out of it. I received my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design with a foundation in print at the Savannah College of Art + Design. Typography I/II + B+W Photography + Development were the courses at SCAD that made an immense impression on me. During my senior year in college, my love for design evolved when I began teaching myself how to hand-code basic HTML, CSS, + a few JS tricks—with initial pointers from my sister—by studying the source code of various web sites. The instant gratification of publishing code + seeing the edits update right before my eyes got me hooked ever since. And so it goes...

Aside from designing, I occasionally moonlight as a freelance photographer specializing in portraits, documentary/event photography, + weddings where I believe that emotion is essential + timing is everything. Photography has always been a big part of how I personally + creatively express myself. Like a reflex, if I see something worth capturing I have to photograph it. I probably take at least one photo every day of the year. And when I can, I prefer to cut my own hair as another form of creative expression.

In my senior year of high school, I was commissioned—pro-bono for the experience + fun of it, of course—by a number of classmates to stylistically hand-letter their names on the interior sides of their yearbook covers. It started with friends, but when word got out + I found myself personalizing friends of friends’ yearbooks. [There may have been some sort of bartering involved for those jobs.] My medium of choice was a metallic silver marker + a black Sharpie. I also drew the nicknames + jersey numbers on the backs of the Senior Powder Puff Football team jerseys with a big black chisel permanent marker; the kind that left a strong, lasting scent minutes after you’ve already left the room.

If you would like to view my most recent work you can do so via my portfolio.

Thank you for visiting.